Weekly Rehearsal Schedule

 Orchestra Rehearsal:

 Monday, 6:45pm-9pm Baring Room, Hertford College

 Jazz Band Rehearsal:

 Tuesday, 7:00pm-8:30pm, Baring Room, Hertford College


​ Choir Rehearsal:

 Friday, 5:30pm-7pm, Chapel, Hertford College

 Choir Rehearsal Followed by Evensong:

 Sunday, 4pm-7pm, Chapel, Hertford College

 With a free formal hall for choristers after the service

Instrument Hire

Thanks to the generosity of Hertford alumnus and violin maker Christopher Martyn, HCMS has two violins and several high-quality bows available for loan to members for periods of up to a term, renewable by mutual agreement. Please contact Claire Vallance if you are interested in using one of these instruments.(claire.vallance@hertford.ox.ac.uk)

Bruckner Orchestra


The Hertford Bruckner Orchestra is affiliated with HCMS and conducted by Dr Paul Coones, giving concerts in the University Church at the end of each Hilary Term. It specialises in late romantic repertoire, with particular reference to the works of Anton Bruckner. HBO comprises selected players from the Hertford Orchestra and invited instrumentalists from the University, City, and beyond. Prospective players are warmly encouraged to contact Dr. Coones, particularly string players. The ethos of HBO combines a high standard of organisation and a clear musical focus, but also a friendly, constructive ambience and an absence of pomposity.